Fujitsu Unveils World's Slimmest Waterproof Phone

fujitsu_f704i_2.jpgSometimes, you just want to talk on the phone in the pool without getting horribly electrocuted. Don't worry, bro; Fujitsu knows all about it. That's why they just unveiled the F704i, the world's slimmest waterproof phone. It's an updated version of the F703, which you may remember as yet another excuse for a cute Japanese girl to wear a bathing suit and hold a phone.

At a mere 1.8mm thick, it's a pretty impressive feat to cram what they have inside such a wee phone. In addition to be able to survive under a few feet of water for up to a half hour, it also has a music player, MicroSD card slot, 3G, 1.3-megapixel camera with image stabilization, and even a, well, bath massage program. I'll let your imagination do the walking with that last one. [RegHardware]

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