Foot Mouse Gives You an Extra Pair of Hands

footmouse_andkeys.jpgAttention foot fetishists and carpal tunnel syndrome sufferers: Here's a new take on alternative pointing devices. Slide your foot into the FootTime Foot Mouse's slipper attachment and then you're off and running, controlling the cursor with one foot and pressing six buttons and a scroll wheel with the other. Yeah, there was a foot mouse making the rounds a couple of years ago, but this one is more configurable and actually makes good sense. What else can it do? That footpad on the left has programmable buttons, so you can either use them for double-clicking or scrolling, or you can program other shortcuts and functions and continue using your regular mouse at the same time. You could end up using both hands and feet like a church organist. That convenience will cost you a lot more than a normal mouse, though, making you $199 lighter on your feet. [Bili Inc]

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