Font Clocks Could Be Too Much of a Good Thing

font_clocks.jpgWe're nuts about both clocks and fonts around here, so that's why the notion of these three Font Clocks grabbed our attention right away. But when we saw them, we were reminded of those ransom-note newsletters people were slinging around in the mid-'80s, just when Pagemaker and Macs gave them the ability to swap out lots of typefaces. Perhaps it is possible to have too much of a good thing. Don't tell that to Sebastian Wrong, who put together this design for Established & Sons in three sizes, each of which shows a dozen different typefaces appearing in random combinations.

Apparently the sellers of this precious design don't think they can get too much of one thing in particular—money—because they'll rip £195.00 ($400) from you for the small version of the clock (pictured at left), £550.00 ($1127) for the medium and £810.00 ($1660) for the large. Perhaps it time to rethink this costly idea, Mr. Wrong. [Thorsten Van Elten]

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