Fonejacker Prank Calls A UK Electronics Store

Kayvan Novak probably isn't a name you're too familiar with. If you recognized the name as the guy who played Arash in the film Syriana, stop reading this post and go try out for Jeopardy or something. For those of you still here, Kayvan has a new series kicking off in the UK called Fonejacker, a run-of-the-mill prank-call show that looks like it may rise above its failed predecessors (think Comedy Central's "Crank Yankers"). In this clip, he plays a linguistically challenged foreigner trying to buy some electronics, most notably a "Joovcuh Doovdé player" and a "Joovcuh Lookada Tuv." Don't get it? You will. [Fonejacker via Nothing To Do With Arbroath]

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