FOMA's Wireless Safety Helmet is Risky Peeping Tom's Best Friend

wj_dcm07l.jpgJapanese company FOMA have shown off a prototype of a couple of wireless safety helmet that they have been working on. You can take your pick from either Type A, which has a built-in camera and GPS module, or Type B, handy for avoiding railroad disasters...wj_dcm06l.jpg

Type A is an AV unit aimed at emergency workers in disaster zones to help keep them in constant contact with base. While the camera transmits a stream of pictures back to the organizers ever 30 seconds - there is even a slot for an SD card so you can also store images without the need to beam them back to central command - the GPS system means they will be able to pinpoint your exact whereabouts, should you run into trouble - kidnapped by a Village People tribute band, for example.

And then there's Type B, with its LED display, electrical radio unit and vibrate mode (Jason Chen will LOVE it), which is supposed to warn railroad workers when they're about to be mown down by a train.

Both models, while weighing in at more than the average helmet (around 300 grams) are, at 800- 900 grams, still fairly lightweight, but FOMA is expecting to cut that by around half. [Impress through Babelfish via Slashphone]

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