FlashKey Fruit-a-Roma Drive, You Need One Like a Fish Needs a Bicycle

flashkey_product.jpg You know USB flash drives have reached commodity status when manufacturers get so desperate for differentiation that they decide to make them smell good. That's these FlashKey Fruit-a-Roma USB drives' claim to fame, giving you a choice of strawberry, grape, orange or apple scent in capacities from 128MB to 4GB. It's not entirely clear whether their sweet smell is kicked up even more when you plug them in, nor was pricing announced yet, either. Come to think of it, these drives are the opposite of a freebie flash drive we received one time.That free flash drive stunk to high heaven. It had a strange, metallic scent that smelled like it had been mixed together with rotten eggs and B.O., and even made your hands smell like that if you picked it up. We're still trying to figure out why it stank like a pile of horseshit, but one thing's for sure: The company that gave it to us would've been much better off giving us one of these Fruit-a-Romas. [Microdia, via Gearlog]

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