First Virus for iPhone or Weird Easter Egg? (UPDATE: Neither, Just Human Error)

iphone-virus-egg.jpg A Gizmodo reader is claiming that his iPhone got what Apple support said "sounds like a virus." Last night he heard a received SMS ring but there was none. Instead, the iPhone's date was replaced by the text "Player Haters (red alert)." Since the first external app was compiled this week, it's hard to believe. There are other explanations.

UPDATE 3:30EST: Actually, there's a very simple explanation: it was a software glitch or a human error. That's a bloody song title, which apparently got stuck on the interface and only was cleared after a power cycle. Bad Apple support bad! for saying silly things like that and bad me bad! for reporting them, no matter how skeptically. Thanks to the readers who pointed this out.It could be some kind of weird Easter Egg that was triggered by something else. Or perhaps it is a debug message that was left in the system inadvertently by Apple engineers. We only know one thing for sure: if it really is a "virus" or some external code, then Apple did an extremely poor job on iPhone's security - which, quite frankly, I find hard to believe.

We asked the reader for a picture, but he said it didn't occurred to him at the time and, after following Apple's directions on the phone and doing a power cycle, the string was gone and the date was back to normal. He also said that "Apple told me to keep them posted if I noticed any other changes to the OS" and points out that "it is subtle, being just below the time on the unlock screen, so it is possible some people might not notice it right away."

Have you seen anything like this? If yes, drop us a line and a photo. [Thanks Simon!]

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