First Glimpse of Sexy Windows Home Server From Velocity Micro

homeserverpreview1.jpgNow that the Windows Home Server platform has been released to manufacturing, a lot of cool concepts are becoming sweet realities. We just scored some juicy details on Velocity Micro's design, destined to ship in the coming months, with external expansion upgrades in early 2008.Here's what we can relate to you now:

• It has an Intel Conroe-derived processor with DDR2 memory. This will accommodate any future Home Server applications that may be more demanding in horse power, etc.

• It features a high performance Intel chipset for maximum I/O performance including PCI-E Gigabit Ethernet, Sata 300, NCQ, etc.

• It is extremely price competitive and will be available for Windows Home Server launch.

• Can be configured up to several terabytes.

• Most likely available in silver and/or black. Color schemes are not finalized.

• It's designed for vertical or horizontal placement.

• It's an enterprise-class design in regards to thermals and up-time. But it's very quiet!

• It features eSATA for an external expansion box that will match the design and will be available by Q1 '08.

Thanks Chris!

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