Fiat 500 Rolls Out in Europe, Bristling with Tech Goodness

fiat_front.jpgThis Fiat 500 plays ball with Microsoft, building in Windows Mobile to give you GPS, USB connectivity and Bluetooth goodness all in the same car. Jointly developed by Fiat, Microsoft and component company Magneti Marelli, the car's voice-activated system lets you connect any Bluetooth device to its stereo system, giving speakerphone capabilities as well as text-to-speech readouts of your SMS messages.

Check out that USB port, where you can plug in a thumb drive full of music and have all of it playing on the car's stereo. Then you can control everything with conveniently located buttons on the steering wheel. Besides all that cool tech, the tiny car has an available 100hp engine, giving it plenty of pep for those spirited touring sessions.

Too bad the company's saying this car won't be available Stateside until 2010. No big deal. We're thinking some other car company will have a Mac version here long before that. Heck, we already have a Honda Civic Hybrid that does most of this stuff already without that bothersome Windows logo in the cockpit.

Fiat 500 Options [Jalopnik, via Autoblog]

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