Fantachrome Paint, Insta-Chrome

1119978283-bmw3.jpg Chroming is an expensive industrial process that requires resources that are beyond most of our time, budgets and attention spans. But what if you could just spray a coat of chrome onto you favorite object? Now. You. Can.Fantachrome, while not really chrome, is a spray-on, water-based paint that adds a layer of metal to your object of choice (car, house, children) and is said to look and feel just like chrome. While the process requires prep work like washing the object in distilled water and laying proper base coats, Fantachrome will work on almost any material, including wood, metal, plaster, glass, plastic, fiberglass, ceramic, cement, polystyrene, clay and stone. You can essentially chrome anything—like King Midas Fast and the Furious edition.

So if you could chrome anything, what would it be? I''d chrome my KitchenAid mixer and fridge. Then when some Sub-Zero owner came over I'd be like, "You have a Sub-Zero? Never heard of it. Ohh, that's right. Poor man's chrome! That's what I call it generally." [fantachrome via redferret]

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