Exclusive: Gears Of War Script Eyes On


I was talking to the Midway folks about Unreal Tournament III earlier today and the way the game will allow PS3 users to upload original content to the console when Mark Rein, veep of Epic Games, walked up.

It was a bit hot and he was fanning himself with what looked to be a sizeable pad of paper with a Gears of War cover. Turns out it was the movie script, well a form of the script for the movie. Rein said in a recent meeting with the script writer he apologized that he had only had time to read through the first 22 pages of the script. Not to worry, says the writer, and laid on him this special little Gears book. a graphic novelization of the script created specific for executives who don't have time to read the entire thing."I got him to sign it," Rein said showing me. What he wouldn't show me, well take a picture of, was the inside of the book. He did leaf through it until he got to one page, the top filled with dark images bathed in red and earth tons, the bottom filled with several lines of clean, white text.

"I love this line," Rein said, and began to read out of it, out loud to both of us. The last line "today we all get fucked gentlemen" seemed to resonate in the empty hallway when he was done.

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