"Energy-Saving Adapters Concept Must be Manufactured NOW!", Gore Declares*

energy_adaptor4.jpgStill only a concept, Gilles Belley's Energy Saving Adapter promises to cut your power consumption by ten per cent, saving the world one power plug at a time. Designed with more than a nod to Apple's white period, this eco-friendly idea monitors your electrical devices individually and notifies you if it thinks you are wasting energy.

Plug each gizmo or appliance into the Energy Saving Adapter and a pretty pattern of lights will come on to warn you that it is guzzling energy in standby mode. If you do not press the button on the ESA within three minutes, then it turns the wasteful object off.

I think a product like this would probably sell like hot cakes, on two conditions: firstly, it doesn't cost an arm and a leg; and secondly, that you can turn the gadget back on again from the Energy Saving Adapter itself, rather than waddling over to the telly yourself. How lazy can a girl get?

Bye Bye Ugly A/C Bricks and Power Strips by Gilles Belley [Yanko Design]

* OK, so not really. But I bet he's thinking just that.

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