Electric Motor for Sonex Sports Aircraft Cleared for Take-Off

Fly_By_1155.jpg Sonex, purveyor of banana-yellow kit airplanes at around the $25,000 mark, has just unveiled a prototype electric motor. Company founder John Monnett showed off an electric motor powerplant, controller, battery pack and charging systems earlier this week—although he kept quiet about who had supplied the battery. Something tells me it wasn't Sony... sonex-electric-0sh071.jpgThe researchers behind the electric motor, known as the E-Flight Team, used 80 Lithium Polymer batteries and packed them into 10 safe boxes, each with a blowhole to safely direct fire or explosion out via an exhaust.

Current flying time is around 45 minutes, but Sonex, which declined to talk about prices and potential launch dates, is hoping to get this up to about an hour. [Sonex via Aero-News Network]

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