DJ Mix 2000 USB Console Will Turn Your Cubicle Into a Groovicle

20070711094031340.jpgThe DJ Mix 2000 Audio Console from NTI Comodo is a neat little gadget for anyone who fancies themselves as a record changer DJ. Aimed at anyone with more than a passing interest in internet broadcast, audio dubbing - even Karaoke Queens (yes, loverboy, I mean YOU) - can just plug it in to a computer via USB and go-go-go-go-go (you can even add a bit of echo to your voice.)

Software is included, and there's a palm-size LED so you can check that your sound levels aren't making everyone's ears bleed. Two downsides, though - no eleven on the volume, and no built-in cowbell. The DJ Mix 2000 costs around $140 and it's the best USB thingy evah, IMHO.20070711094031437.jpg

[Aving USA via New Launches]

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