DIY: Hang Your iTunes Album Covers On Your Wall

itunes-poster.jpgIf your musical tastes speak to your personality, this is one way to quickly let everyone know what is going on inside your twisted mind. Instructables user rauz has detailed a method for transforming your massive iTunes album cover art collection into an even larger and more impressive poster. How do you do it?First off, Mac users stop here, as rauz's method only works for Windows at the moment. If you're willing to download a couple of free utilities to collect, convert and batch resize your album covers, you can then piece them together individually in PhotoShop or Google's freeware pseudo-equivalent, Picasa 2. The method is a bit hands-on, but the designer claims he built a poster from 800 album covers in a little over an hour. Once the final image is assembled, it should be large enough (given your album count is high enough) to print at a reasonable resolution and hang on your wall as a fantastic conversation starter. If you make one, be sure to comment and show us what you're into. [Instructables]


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