Digital Picture Frame Doubles as a Camera

samsung_camframe_front.jpg Designer Jin Woo Han figured if you want both a digital camera and a digital picture frame, why not put them together and display the pictures with the same device you used to capture them? In this design concept Han calls the Samsung SS 700, he determined a happy medium size where the point-and-shoot camera is not too large and the picture frame isn't too small. Created by the same designer who conceived the roller printer we told you about on Monday, this combination camera/picture frame has one attribute we've wanted for a long time: a relatively gigantic display on the back of a point-and-shoot camera. There's no indication about the exact size of this display, but it's probably bigger than the largest 3-inch point-and-shoot displays available now.

Point-and-shoot digital cameras and digital picture frames are both getting to be such copycats lately, it's refreshing to see a truly original idea, one that might just become practical as prices for these low-end camera and screen components continue their freefall. [Yanko Design]

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