Deodolight Saves That Dark, Smelly Room of Yours

deodolighttemp.jpge-Revolution wants to change the way you think about lighting—and how the area around that light, uh, smells? The Deodolight is a cupholder-sized lamp with color-changing LEDs and a built-in deodorizer, available in refillable grapefruit, forest and unscented. The transitions between colors are subtle and slow, designed to be soothing. Because of its small, handy size, you could actually find quite a few places for the Deodolight.

Recommended placements for the Deodolight include the front-seat cupholder, so you'll look really creepy to other commuters as your face changes color, though not threatening—those gentle colors and scents should put you right to sleep. It's not the first time e-Revolution has come out with a "soothing" product, but the Deodolight is arguably one of its more useful creations. This product is pretty much Japan-only, but you should click through to the product page anyway, if only for the adorable Google translation.

Product page [Deodolight via Technabob]

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