Craziest, Weirdest, Coolest Soviet Airplanes Ever

flying-low.jpgIf you didn't get enough with the Typhoon closing on the Hercules, check this Sukhoi SU-27UB whizzing by just 4 feet above the runway. However, this isn't the most impressive thing flying at the Russian 2007 Air Show. Check out some of the strangest and coolest airplanes you will ever see, after the jump.sukhoi-su-47-478.jpgThis is the forward-swept wing Sukhoi SU-47 Bekrut, taking off from Zhukovsky Airport, where they celebrate the show. This airport is perfect for the event because it is located next to Lake Galendzhik. As you will see in the gallery, Russian designers have a special love for hydroplanes.

[Jetphotos and Airliners]

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