Crawling Zombie Vigorously Drags His Legless Carcass Into Your Heart

crawlingzombie.jpgIf you're one of the hordes of the zombie-obsessed, you're going to love The Crawling Zombie, a legless, lifeless and red-eyed oaf that chases you across the table as he cries out such pithy sayings as "Hey, slow down, would ya? I can only crawl so fast!", and "I can't feel my legs," and even more wisecracks. Jump to the next page for a video of this undulating undead ogre in action. Hey, that sucker can crawl really fast. As undead as he is, he still requires three AA batteries. Activated by any noises, he's certain to scare unsuspecting passersby. That might be a thrill that makes him (it?) well worth his rather steep $38.90 purchase price. [Otherland, via 7 Gadgets]

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