Corega iPod Dock, a Micro Boombox for shuffle

coregaA.jpgThe iPod shuffle doesn't have to feel left out of the iPod dock derby any more, because now it has its own ultra-portable speaker system from Corega Japan that matches up perfectly with the shuffle's five krazy kolors. The laws of physics might keep this microdock from sounding genuinely kick-ass, but its claimed 200Hz-16kHz frequency response could offer just enough oomph to share a podcast with a friend or two.corega_inside.jpg

Looking like a mini boombox, this is a downright cute attachment for your shuffle, measuring just shy of 4 inches long and it's only 1.5 inches deep. It feeds .5 watts of musical juice to each of its two channels, powered by either a couple of AAA batteries or a USB port. And, it charges your shuffle when the dock's plugged into USB. It'll be available later this month for $30.

Corega Portable Speaker System for iPod shuffle [Far East Gizmos, via CrunchGear]

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