Commodore Gaming PCs Finally Coming Stateside

Remember those Commodore gaming PCs with custom Art we saw in Europe? They're finally heading stateside starting at $1700.

AU: No surprises that there is little news on a local release for these beasts. They're boutique high-end games machines, so I doubt the shipment costs would make them a serious proposition in the Aussie market. But if you have to have one, I suppose you can drop even more cash by getting one shipped from OS via a re-shipping service.

While the price for the entry level Commodore G has been determined, prices for the GS, GX, and XX models have yet to be announced. You can still expect quad-core Intel processors, Nvidia 8000-series graphics cards, and a proprietary heat sink. You will also be able to select from a variety of paint jobs marketed as "C-kins" that cover the front and side panels. The PCs will initially sell online, but future plans for retail sales are still in the works. [CNET News]

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