Car Bar and Hand Hooks, for That Surreal, Other-Dimension Look

57_chevy_front.jpg Look what just crashed through the wall: a Car Bar, and it looks just like a good old '57 Chevy. Not fancy enough for you? There's also a Rolls-Royce Car Bar, and accompanying that could be these hands that serve as coat hooks or flower vases, completing the illusion of off-the-wall weirdness. If you want to go all out, get yourself those car shelves we showed you last week for a complete punched-through atmosphere that gives new meaning to the term "crash pad." We have a gallery of through-the-wall stuff, after the jump. And then there's the back of the Woody (not that kind of woody) that opens up to reveal an entire bar shelf complete with a place to hang your glasses, too. Heck, you can go with an entire punctured-wall motif. And the miracle of it all is, even though these car parts and hands look like they've punched through your wall, there's nary a dent or broken bone to be found.

Looking at pricing, you might be better off visiting an old junkyard for spare parts, because the Car Bar will run you $3076. The hand hooks are $75, and the vase and candle holders are $95 each. [Drinkstuff, via 7 Gadgets]

[Hand Hooks: Uma, via 7 Gadgets]

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