Bring Out The Bruised Kid in You with Roller Lights

6971.jpgThese Roller Lights are the equivalent of strap-on wheelies for the disco generation - provided you don't weigh more than 176 lb. , the two-wheeled toys attach to your shoes and flash away with their three color lights.

Tempting as it would be to announce the birth of the Gizmodo Roller Lights team, I don't think it will happen*. But since these things are reminiscent of Heelys, those strange trainers-with-casters that make ver yoof of today look like they're gliding along (as well as making them forget how to walk), and, at around $25, cost a third of the price, they are an alternative. Plus, you can borrow them when he's at school and you're late for work.

*If anyone is interested, don't hesitate to get in touch. Giz tee-shirts, yellow banana hammocks, plus the all important protective gear - I can see us now on America's Got Talent.

[GoBaz via UberReview]

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