Breezy Singers Robot Birds, Annoying But Controllable

robot_birds.jpg Prepare for the upcoming apocalypse when all birds are extinct with these Breezy Singers Robot Birds. They have moving tails and heads, and react to motion and changes in light with their recorded songs that are straight from the Cornell Lab of Ornithology. They sit still enough so that they are easily picked off with a shotgun one by one, or you can let them sit there and tweet so they'll scare away all the real birds, a task they can accomplish a whole lot cheaper than those falcon robot birds we showed you a couple of months ago.Choose from a variety of species, including the American Robin, Northern Cardinal, Eastern Bluebird, Blue Jay, American Goldfinch and Yellow Warbler. Wait a minute. These aren't actually supposed to be used for target practice, because they cost $14.90. Put away that shotgun; you'll have to silence them by using their on-off switches. [The Robot Store, via The Uber Review]

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