Black-box DVR and Miniature Button-cam Is Spy/Perv's Best Friend

mp_kit.jpgAt 2.6 x 2.2 x 0.4 inches and 45 grams, the manufacturer says the Black-Box is the smallest DVR under $3,000. Actually, it's also smaller than $1,300 units, although those come with 20GB HDs and not just a slot for Mini SD 4GB cards. However, what makes it cool is the 640 x 480 camera disguised as a jacket or shirt button, which will make spy aficionados, assorted pervs and some Geek Squad employees very happy.blackbox-camera.jpg

The camera connects to the DVR with a cable so you can easily place it in any clothing to record video at 30 frames per second. Like any other DVR, you can program it to start recording at any time you want. $499.95 will get you the whole package, including software, cables, pin-hole and screw mount and interchangeable buttons of different sizes. [Product page via Shiny Shiny]

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