Bj Linux-based Robo-Mutt is Smarter than AIBO

bj.jpgBj will be the new robot mutt in town when it arrives worldwide this fall. It may not have Sony's pedigree, but it's smarter than any other pup-bot ever. Designed for research and hacking, the fully programmable Bj uses Linux and is loaded with an i.MX 533MHz processor based on an ARM core with 64MB of RAM. The rest of the technical specs makes Bj almost as smart as my Border Terrier*.It also uses Kondo's servo-motors, wireless LAN and a 350,000-pixel CMOS sensor capable of getting 30 frames per second video. Bj's whooping $4,900 price tag will get you:

CPU i.MX 533 MHz (ARM11 core)

Main memory RAM: 64MB Flash ROM: 16MB

Program supply medium: USB memory stick

Interface LAN ×1 USB ×2 Serial ×3 PWM ×24 ADC ×8

Motion Head: 2 degree of freedom Mouth: 1 degree of freedom Leg section: 3 degree of freedom Tail: 1 degree of freedom (Total 16 degree of freedom)

Built-in sensors Infrared ray system distance sensor ×1 Accelerating sensor ×1 Meat sphere sensor ×4

Setting switch Main switch ×1 Back switch ×2

Image processing module 350,000 pixel CMOS sensor 30fsp 6 color center of gravity output

Size Approximately 180 x 312 x 350mm (width xheight x depth)

Weight Approximately 2.5Kg (the battery it includes)

Power source (battery) NiMH 10.8V-800mAh

* Actually, not really. It's still a silly robot, but at least this one doesn't leak battery acid everywhere.

Product page [iXs Research via Impress Robot Watch]

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