Belkin Wireless USB Hub Is All Dressed Up, No Place to Go

belkin_WirelessUSB_front.jpgBelkin's bringing some seriously pretty design to its game, and here's another example: a four-port wireless USB hub that lets you roam freely with your USB devices. Belkin says this model F5U302 lets you transfer data at the full USB 2.0 speed of 480Mbps over a 30-foot range. This might come in handy for a printer that you'd like to locate off in a closet somewhere, but besides that, it seems like it has limited usefulness.

For instance, if you have Wi-Fi on your laptop and it's connected to your network, if there's a printer connected anywhere else on your network, you're already able to print wirelessly. Perhaps this wireless USB hub would be handy for connecting a USB hard drive wirelessly, and then you could roam around with your notebook while saving your data on that gigantic hard drive stuffed away somewhere.

We do like the design of this iteration of Belkin's wireless USB hub better than its predecessor, the F5U301 that began shipping earlier this year for roughly the same price of $199.99. If you can find a good use for this new design that has pretty much the same technology inside, it'll be shipping next month. [Belkin]

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