BBQ Grill Made of a V8 Engine Block

chevy-v8-grill-front.jpgAdd this to our collection of crazy barbecue grills, this one looking exactly like a V-8 engine. That's because it's made of a Chevy V-8 engine block, retrofitted with a grill and propane burners that can crank out 60,000 BTU. Trent Watley and his neighbor Terry Bacon paid attention to details on this do-it-yourself project, and they say they haven't even finished yet. Said Watley,

"It is still a work in progress with lots of add-on's to come. Now that it has proved to be a functional unit it's time to dress her up a bit. I took it to a local car show this weekend and I think my grill had more lookers than a lot of the cars there. It was definitely the hit of the 4th of July BBQ."


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