Bally Pong Makes Gambling Even More Addictive

pong.gifAtari's Pong is stealing our quarters once again, recently approved for use in a slot machine made by Bally: "Bally Pong." A cabinet decorated with chrome fixtures and retro fonts will be a pretty standard 5-line slot, though featuring two knobs for the 1-in-70 occurrence of a 45-second Pong minigame. And while earnings at this point are "skill based," will expert Pongers see a real payout advantage? Yes. Those who succeed in the minigame will see a payout up to 7% higher—which is a huge amount in Vegas where the minimum payout is 75%. We're not big on the slots, but with PONG and the possibility of Breakout coming down the line, our mad gaming skills could pay off...literally. In all reality, we'll just be losing 7% less than all of our money. [forbes via therawfeed]

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