Asus T500 PCIe Card Better Than WiFi?

t500.jpgMobile computing is getting a bit faster today with the announcement of the Asus T500 3.5G high speed PCIe card. Capable of pushing out a whopping 3.6Mbps downstream and 384Kbps upstream, Asus is boasting that this little rascal will provide connectivity superior to WiFi in some locations. In addition to bringing some serious bandwidth to the table, the T500 is also equipped with a handful of phone features.Plug in a headset and you're free to make calls. The card will track up to 100 missed, dialed and received calls to help you store phonebook information. Have a SIM card handy? A simple utility will automatically detect what card it is and select the best compatible network. You can even receive, edit and send SMS messages in case you don't get enough of that on your phone. Compatibility shouldn't be a problem as the T500 comes ready to handle GPRS/EDGE along with GSM and WCDMA standards. No word yet on pricing or availability, but we'll keep you posted. [Product Page via Fareastgizmos]

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