Asphalt Surfing with the Carver Ultimate Truck System

Forget about that RipStik thing. Here's the Carver Skateboard Ultimate Surfing Truck System attached to a real surf board. See it in action as this guy goes down the streets of San Francisco like if he was at Ehukai Beach.This prime aircraft grade aluminum-made kit has a fixed back carver truck which acts as the fin while the front one, which has a system that provides with an additional axis of movement, is used as the rocker. The system can also be attached to normal skateboards.

"The two combined increase lateral movement and you can "pump" the board- just like surfing. The original patented Carver C7 front truck is extremely maneuverable. Smooth arm rotation rides on a 1-5/8" precision thrust bearing set, and the heavy-duty internal spring has a wide range of tension adjustment so you can thoroughly customize your ride.


According to the company it was "conceived by surfers at Venice Beach during a long and waveless summer" and their system gives you the same sensations of actually riding a wave.

Without the water. And the cool suntanned blond surfer girls around you. And the algae. Or the sharks. And definitely without the thrill of getting out of a living blue tunnel or getting smashed by a couple tons of liquid.

OK, so it doesn't give you the exact same sensations, but it works. And yes, you can tell I am dying to get to the beach this summer. The Carver Ultimate Surfing Truck System costs $129.99, Beach Boys, Pixies or Jack Johnson records not included. [Carve Skateboards]

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