Artificial C-Leg Kicks Some Serious A

NEW_C-Leg.jpg Otto Bock Healthcare may sound like a boring medical company, but they have just announced an update to their C-Leg, a microprocessor-controlled hydraulic limb, complete with wireless remote control, making it quite possibly the most badass, military-grade prosthetic limb on the planet. Developed for above-knee veteran amputees, the system is so advanced that leg swing adjustments can be made on the fly, easily altering for activities requiring different gates to perform properly. And while standing, the C-Leg automatically relieves the pressure from the natural limb, supporting the user's entire body weight (up to 275 lbs.) all on its own.

For its $30,000 to $40,000 pricetag, we'd be showing our C-Leg off to everyone. "Nice Lexus. Oh, what's this? Just a ROBOTIC LEG. But really, your car is quite nice. Cup holders and everything."[Product Page via wired and usatoday]

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