Armchair Cruisers Get Your Butt In Gear

Post1%3A28%20SofaChair.jpgIf the Office Chair Bike seemed just too much effort, but you are still big on mobile seat action, then welcome Armchair Cruisers to the arena. The guys at AC have joined together the motorized vehicle and the sofa in one seamless package, but unwittingly have made drive-in movie watching obsolete.The vehicles are fully customizable, giving you the ability to opt for electric or gas powered derivatives, a Pioneer Stereo system and even a custom Bling theme. We're not too sure that the light kit should be included as an option, but who are we to argue? Draining the battery just so we can see where we are going doesn't sound so appealing anyway.

Starting at $3495, the price doesn't include help for convincing your partner you need a garage door leading to the pavement in your living room. If you are thinking of parting with your well-earned cash in spite of that, for your sake, I hope AC's engineering is better than their website design. Hit the link to check out the fangled mess of brilliant inventions. [Product Page via autoblog]

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