Apple Applies for Wireless iPod Patent, Welcomes Us to the Social?

applepatent%5B1%5D.jpgApple's had a few smash hit releases lately, so we're watching its patent applications more closely than a brownnoser's lips to his boss's ass. Here's another patent app, this one showing an iPod wirelessly controlling a media server running iTunes. Beyond that, the server can also send files back to the iPod for some wireless synching. It's a veritable love feast of media sharing goodness, starring the iPod and a PC, laptop or server, or the Apple TV set-top box. It gets better.If the whole video or audio file isn't sent back to the iPod, at least the metadata is, showing song title and other info right there in front of you on your handy iPod screen. And then you can control iTunes using your iPod. Sure would be nice to do that, seeing all the songs playing on a widescreen up in your face, controlling the volume, song, and settings, too. The iPod could also play any songs from any iTunes-equipped PC on your network, using Boujour software.

Hey, could this be the upcoming iPod that scuttlebutt says may see the light of day in August? You know, the one described as an iPhone without the phone? That notwithstanding, you'd figure as soon as Apple made an iPod wireless, the company would do as much cool stuff as possible with it. But we're thinking this sharing data between the iPod and your own PC is one thing, while the sharing of the contents of one iPod with another might be a little bit beyond the kind of freedom today's content greedmeisters will permit. C'mon, Steve, solve that problem, too. Welcome us to the real social. [Cybernet News]

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