Battlemodo: Altec Lansing IM600 vs. Griffin Amplifi

BATTLEMODOgriffin.jpgFor our next round of the iPod Dock Bracket, we're pitting the Altec Lansing IM600 against the Griffin Amplifi. The IM300 is sleek and portable, while the Amplifi is large and in charge. Which one is good enough to make it through to the final four?If you want more on either unit, check the first-round battles here and here. Today is a sound grudge match. I listened to Beverly Hills by Weezer. Strong guitars and some challenging frequencies on the high side make this a fun test song.
IMG_2693WTMK-1.JPG The Altec Lansing puts out more sound that you'd expect from its small profile, and the guitars are the first thing that you notice. That tenor vocal to guitar range is a real sweet spot for the system, even though the sound never has that singing in your ear presence. And the stereo effects many be the most prominent of any dock in the competition. It's one of the few systems that I actually enjoy the SFX mode. IMG_2676.JPGThe Amplifi kicked some butt in our first round of testing, and though we may have remembered it a bit better than it actually sounds, it still holds its own. From the mids to the highs, this unit is very warm and scores incredibly well on general listenability. Cymbals ring metallic while vocals carry with an impressive amount of fidelity. I just wish wish wish wish it had more bass given its size.

While testing, I accidentally unplugged the IM600 and it kept running, a gentle reminder that this little machine has its own built-in battery. But the Amplifi sounds better enough for me to ignore the convenience...besides, I never leave the house anyway. griffinamplifi.pngWINNER: Griffin Amplifi BRACKETrevGRIFFIN.gif

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