Alienware Notebooks Offered With Solid State RAID 0 Array

alienware_laptop.jpg Alienware's always chased the speed demon with its laptops, and now the performance-obsessed company wants to make them even more efficient with a RAID 0 array, strapping together two 32GB solid-state drives. Offered on its Area-51 m5550, Area-51 m9750 and Aurora m9700 notebooks, the option also includes a garden-variety 200GB hard drive, just in case that 64-gig array doesn't give you enough storage space. But all this is going to be crazy expensive, right?Well, yes. If the single 32GB solid-state drive for an extra $500 doesn't chase you off, that sweet 64GB RAID 0 configuration will clip you $920. But wait a minute. That does sound like a lot, but the price for solid-state drives has plummeted in just the past year or so. A configuration like this last year at this time would have been even more prohibitively expensive.

We especially like the way Alienware is strapping these drives together in an attempt to speed up the proceedings, where brand-cousin Dell offers just that 32GB solid-state drive in its Mobile Precision line of laptops, telling us its SSD option doesn't speed things up a bit. [Computer Shopper]

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