Alarm Clock Thinks It's a Light Bulb

lightbulb-clock.jpgHere's an alarm clock that mocks those old-timey incandescent bulbs, packing LEDs inside to show how those tiny diodes can run circles around antiquated tungsten filaments. From a Korean company called 10x10, its LCD panel in front shows you the usual time and temperature info, but it's that glow emitting from within that makes this cheap little trinket a thing of tacky beauty. bulb_light.jpg

It's a good thing there are LEDs lighting up this $12 clock, too, because it runs on four AA batteries, and the energy-saving characteristics of LEDs will come in handy in the power saving department. The device's main trick is cycling through all those colors, and of course, waking you up in the morning. But then, with such a glorious light show going on, who would ever want to go to sleep? [10x10, via Sci Fi Tech]

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