+336+ Mirror Displays Your SMS Alongside Your Utter Sad-Sackness

336-main.jpg This is the +336+ Mirror. More than just a concept (maaan) it is an idea-made-flesh for those 20 people in the world stupid enough - and rich enough - to shell out $10,000 for a looking-glass that can display text messages sent from a cell phone. So either this is the least mobile mobile phone (albeit one without the ability to make and receive calls) ever or this is a bathroom accoutrement that I. Just. Don't. Get. The point of. Someone called Robert Stadler of french design group Radi Designers is the muppet behind the +336+ mirror. His house is, I'm sure, a veritable pot-pourri, smorgasbord and chimi-churri of fabulous things, but this, Robert dearest, is something else. Give me your number and I'll text you exactly what I think of the +336+ and you can read it while you floss or shave or pick your zits or whatever it is you do first thing in the morning. [Generate via Oh!Gizmo]

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