18-yo Struck by Lighting Playing Mortal Kombat, Raiden Not Involved

raiden.jpg Yesterday we learned that a 18-yo had to be rushed to hospital after being struck by lighting while holding a gamepad in his mouth and another one in his hands. Weird? Well, it gets weirder: He was playing Mortal Kombat for SNES with his cousin. How and why the heck do you play Mortal Kombat with your mouth and two gamepads?After the hit, Aguinaldo César Alves was completely knocked out and then couldn't remember anything for a few moments. "When I regained consciousness, I thought I was dead. I stood up looking back, to see if my body was dead on the floor," he said.

He asked for help then, to fall down to the floor immediately, shivering uncontrollably. When he started to recover again, he "felt his body more heavy than usual. My mouth was swollen, but it's ok. I ate twice today."

So how did he got the gamepad in the mouth in the first place? Well. There's a simple explanation for that: He wanted to teach his 8-yo cousin a trick in Mortal Kombat, so he held his own gamepad in his mouth while using his cousin's to do it.

brazilian%20lightning.jpgSo there you go, nothing really odd, like being gagged for a kidnap or any other thing. The sad part of this story: "I'm going to see if someone can get me a new console, because this was my only video game" he declared.

You see, some people buy a PS2 in eBay and get $90,000 in return and others have to keep playing SNES until getting struck by lighting. Who knows? Maybe the Brazilian kid is the really lucky one. At least he survived, while the $90K kid could still get whacked by some Vincent Vega wannabe. [Globo—Thanks to our colleague Juliana Carpanez from G1 in Sao Paulo, who interviewed the kid and forwarded us the story]

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