18k Gold-Plated iPod shuffle Signals Downfall of the Civilized World

goldenshuffle.jpgNormally we skip over these bullshit gold-plated gadgets, but this 18-karat gold-plated iPod shuffle's picture was so pretty we couldn't resist. We would've been even more impressed if it were solid 24-karat gold, but we'll just have to settle for this gold plating. There's just something strangely appealing about the irony and incongruity of the cheapest iPod clad in the most elegant of metals. It's just so, uh, inappropriate. How much does it cost?Even though it's just gold plated, Xexoo, a German company that apparently makes a pretty good living by soaking gullible, vain and rich buffoons, is still going to clip those cash-soaked Diamond Jim Bradys for $10,000 to possess this dubious bauble. The company says there's even a diamond-studded upgrade in the works. We hope for the sake of the civilized world that none of these will sell well. [BornRich]

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