Wood Peripherals Gives Gizmodo Writer Excuse to Declare: "Gandalf Has a Giant Penis"

woodkeyboard.jpgI don't know if I like these wood-made peripherals by Marubeni Infotec or not. I mean, take this beautiful keyboard: I love the clean lines, the nice texture and the great clickity-clack sound it must make. On the other hand, my tree-hugging commie hippie side wonders if we really need the extremely resource-consuming technological industry to also devour trees in addition to fossil fuel. But then again, maybe the only thing that makes me write about this kind of stuff is that it allows me to do puerile jokes about Rocco Siffredi and talk about Ian McKellen's penis in King Lear after the jump.

* Talking about Rocco peripherals, this timber technology angst reminds me of yesterday evening, when I went to see the Royal Shakespeare Company here in Stratford-upon-Avon. No, Rocco hasn't joined the RSC but Ian McKellen (yeah, the Gandalf/Magneto dude) was playing King Lear.

Everything was beautiful. The stage, supporting cast and direction were amazing, keeping the tension for more than three hours to thunderous applause at the end. At one time during the play, and here comes the vague link to my To Wood or Not To Wood moment, Lear goes mad under the rain and gets completely nude, his private parts on display for a couple of minutes.

Now, I don't care about male (or female) nudity, but from the fourth row in the stalls, I have to confess that I was a bit shocked about it. Or better said, about the size. And for a moment, right there, I wondered if all that wood was necessary.

And in case you are interested, yes, Gandalf has a giant (and I mean GIGANTIC, Rocco-size) uncut penis.

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