Wireless power: not just for swift death anymore?

Wireless power: not just for swift death anymore?
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A story in the SMH has popped up on new research out of MIT into the use of electromagnetic resonance to power devices. Initial testing has led to powering a 60 watt light bulb at a range of two metres.

They are aiming for greater efficiency and range, but see maximum ranges keeping the wireless range to “not extending beyond a room or factory floor”. Marin Soljacic, Physics professor at MIT who has been working on this project for years, says:

The technology is almost at the point where it could be used for a practical application.

Woah! I won’t be disappointed if it is one room only! That would be HEAVEN! I know my wife would love to see all these damn power cables hit the road.

They’re calling it ‘Witricity’. I think they need a better name.

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