Wired Cuts Through the Latest Electric Lawnmowers

Wired Cuts Through the Latest Electric Lawnmowers

In keeping with our “Laziness in Domestic Chores” theme, we bring you the electric lawnmower shootout. That way we can rid ourselves of all the annoyances of gas mowers once and for all, but still keep our yards in tip-top shape.

Wired tested out four of the latest electric lawnmowers on the market and broke it down real simple. What did they think?The Worx WG712: 4th Place

They liked how light it was but hated its terrible handling and custom wheels.

Cub Cadet CC500 EL: 3rd Place

This one handled better, but it was corded, wah-wah-wahhh.

Black & Decker 24V CMM1200: 2nd Place

This one might be able to trick your friends into thinking it’s a regular lawnmower, both in looks and performance. Although like an iPod its battery is locked inside so its extinction clock is ticking.

Sunlawn EM-2: The Winner

This guy looks straight out of yesteryear but added all of the modern benefits of today. It’s nice and tiny like your grandpa’s mower, but cuts like one from today. But they did complain about the miniature grass clipping catcher.

And there you have it. Four mowers went in, and only the Sunlawn EM-2 came out. Now you have no excuse for your yard to be in shambles.

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