Winerack Covertly Carries Booze While Pumping Up That Rack

winerack1.jpgThe guys who brought us the Beer Belly, a fake beer gut that you can fill up with brewski, have finally gotten smart and decided to let the ladies carry the goods, spiriting them away in a special bra aptly named the Winerack. Makes perfect sense, doesn't it? It gives new meaning to the word "jugs." More info and SFW pics after the jump.winerack2.jpgWhy not give your lady a pair of double Ds, and let her carry enough Cabernet Sauvignon in its two roomy compartments to take a few sips during the game? Sure, the wine may get a little warm, but red wine is supposed to be at "castle temperature" anyway. Okay, a castle in the middle of the summer, perhaps.

Just don't worry about trying to explain what happened to your date's tits as you're walking out of that baseball game. Yeah, just tell curious onlookers that those boobs always looked like a pair of floppy dog ear-like bags hanging on her chest. She'll love that.

Winerack's makers are reportedly getting so excited with fit testing that it's taking them a while to release this highly practical and erotic wine-carrying device. They say they'll be announcing pricing and availability soon.

Product Page [ Underdevelopment, Inc., via Backcountry]

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