Why is Apple Trading Boom for Bada Bing, Bada Bing, Bada Bing?

joyoftechteaser-tm.jpg Emo fanboy-ism can turn abruptly the other direction on occasion. Apple found that out this week as some declared this Monday's WWDC Keynote the worst ever, and that it signified the beginning of something bad for Cupertino. Some humorously found a way to blame it on Microsoft, yet again. (Poor Billy.)

People, let's get a grip on reality and look at the facts.Sure, some of the 10 new features of Leopard weren't new; there wasn't any hardware at the show. And to that, the stock market reacted unfavorably.

How fast people forgot we just received new LED-powered Macbook Pros less than a week before, and a little something called an iPhone is still on track for June 29th, 6pm. This is more than enough new hardware and innovation to support the WWDC Boom quotient.

So I find myself asking, would it have killed Apple to wait six days to announce those laptops at the keynote instead of synced with the educational discount? And couldn't they have started preorders for the iPhone that day, too? You know, for the sake of Boom.

I think they could have. So why are they taking the less exciting approach? Maybe Apple is trying to control the hype, which some have reported, is getting tall even by Jobsian standards. (NYTimes). Maybe they're trying to push hardware in a more granular pattern, to stay current.

What do you think?

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