What's New in Safari?

wwdcnewsaf.jpgIt's On Windows

Resizable Text Fields Probably the best new feature of the beta (aside from increased speed). If you frequent message boards or use online blogging software you will appreciate being able to resize any of your text input blocks.

Movable Tabs Just like Firefox, Safari lets you rearrange your tabs into any order you want. And it even one-ups its competitor by letting you drag them off and to create their own new window.

Real Time Text Searching And taking another cue from its foxy friend, you can search for text in real time throughout the webpage your viewing. Although Safari does it in a much prettier way.

Modify How Long Safari Keeps Your History We can't tell you how many times we wanted to go check back on a page we visited, only to find that our history didn't keep track that long. Safari lets you decide how long it should remember where you've gone. Just for a day or even a year.

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