Vilcus Plug Dactyloadapter, For Insane People and Those Who Hate Them

vilcus_comp.jpg Art Lebedev studio, responsible for that spectacular Optimus Maximus keyboard with a video display on each key, have apparently gone nuts, now giving you a way to test electrical circuits by shocking yourself half to death. The creative design studio calls this a Vilcus plug dactyloadapter, and it includes adapters for European and US power outlets. Simply insert a finger in each hole, plug it in, and boom! You're in Electric Ladyland. This product might be popular with the Department of Homeland Security and their colleagues down at Gitmo.

Into shocking experiences as a group? Lebedev has also designed a power strip into which you can plug multiple Vilcus units. We're thinking these devices must be commonly used at the Art Lebedev studio, stimulating employees to continue striving to meet that impossible (and continuously floating) deadline for the Optimus Maximus keyboard. Surprisingly enough, this device of questionable sanity is on sale at ThinkGeek for $12.99. Or maybe this is something left over from April Fools' Day.

Product Page [Art.Lebedev Studios, via Think Geek]

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