USB Shredder, Convenience for the Secretive

usb_shredder.jpgThis USB shredder proves that there are a myriad of ways to cover your tracks. Heck, we even saw a shredder powered by a hamster. But this one? It's different.This is not even the first USB shredder we've seen, one even has a mini-bin underneath to catch all of those torn-up pieces of paper. But this one's even more portable; at just under 10 inches wide, it's similar in shape to some of the highly portable printers we've seen, but too bad it's still not wide enough to handle standard sheets of paper.

Are you paranoid enough to carry around a shredder with you everywhere you go? Shredders, printers, all that paper-handling paraphernalia—if you're that paranoid, maintain a shred of dignity by going paperless, not ever typing or writing anything, don't even think about using a computer, and do all your talking down the basement.

Product Page [Kinlan Industrial, via ubergizmo]

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