Unconfirmed: Sprint's HTC Mogul Launches June 18

mogulsmall.jpgSprint users can start high-fiving each other for not abandoning ship for greener pastures—apologies for that abomination of a metaphor—thanks to the upcoming PPC-6800. The successor to the PPC-6700, the Mogul will have 256MB of ROM (up from 128MB), 20% longer battery life, be 1/3 of an inch thinner and has a 2-megapixel camera.

The best news would probably be that it has Windows Mobile 6, but the worst news would be that it costs $US549, or $US399 with a 2-year contract. Still, it's not too shabby of a device if you're into the standard slide-out HTC handset form factor. Since it's not from an "official" Sprint news release, we'll still have to call this unconfirmed for now. But it seems pretty solid.mogul.jpg

Thanks tipster!

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