Transformers Movie On the Way, Here's Your Homework

frontmegan-fox-gm_l4.jpgNow what exactly does this spectacular babe have to do with gadgetry, you ask? Have you been living under a rock? That's Megan Fox, one of the big stars of Transformers, the upcoming megagadget flick by Michael Bay. Here she's posing for the ace photog at Maxim magazine, among a few others.

We figured that was reason enough to serve up a batch of pictures to gawk at. Ya know, to prepare you for the movie's debut on July 3. Here's a preview of some of the distaff eye candy you'll be watching. Time for a reality check: So who's hotter, Megan Fox or Optimus Prime?

Megan on Maxim (Maxim Online, via Megansafox]

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